Risks When Importing From China

When importing from China, you should know there are many situations which you can face. Below, we describe some examples from practice; experiences from people who have bought in China, about producers with a great website, and of which the first sample has been well-received in The Netherlands.. however:

Situation 1: Miscommunication and cultural differences
After receiving the container in Rotterdam, it becomes clear that both, the model of the selected doors and the colour tone of the doors differs from the samples received earlier. After contacting the supplier, the supplier states that he has delivered the right product, but it’s a newer version, and it concerns only minor, insignificant differences from the samples. The Chinese producer is not willing to make concessions because he feels he fulfilled the agreement, since the color is very similar as agreed. So he refuses to take further action. The problem is that the end-user was very keen on the selected model and color, and don’t accept a change he didn’t agree on.

Situation 2: Incoterms and import duties
Partly due to inexperience with trading with China, a European company has agreed with a Chinese producer of LED lighting that the Chinese producer takes responsibility for the schipment –including insurance, excluding import duties- till the port of Rotterdam (CIF). Due to storms on sea, some containers have been lost; the products have not reached Rotterdam. The insurance money has probably been remitted to the producer, who has kept the money. The Chinese producer states the minimal coverage amount was too low to be reimbursed.
Because of this, mytrader chooses to play the pivotal role in this process. It chooses to buy and export products under its own name, and to buy insurance for these products so that they are always covered. So that in the case of accidents the money is remitted to mytrader, rather than that the money disappears in the hands of the Chinese producer.

Situation 3: Quality control previous to the shipment
After a period of 8 weeks, the containers with prefab buildings can be cleared in Rotterdam. When the container is being opened, the wall panels, appear to be insufficient and of a lower quality and appearance than had been agreed upon. Contacting the Chinese producer turns out to be nearly impossible. After much research, they find out that the producer does not exist anymore. This problem occurs because the company promotes itself on the internet as the producer, while in reality, he appears to be a middle man (intermediary) who is only aimed at the short term. Because of this reason, mytrader insists on personally visiting the factory itself, to check both the samples and the final shipment on quality before the freight is being shipped and payed for.

As can be learned from the above mentioned real-life situations, many things can go wrong with importing and exporting (from China); small things, which have major consequences. By collaborating with a specialist in China, you can prevent these risks regarding product liability and import your products on a more relaxed and easy way. mytrader is there, on location(!), to make sure the requested unit is shipped according to your interests.

As you can read from our way of working, mytrader can arrange the whole process right up to the delivery on your doorstep. Thus creating a care-free way to import products from China!